Division 6

Division6  is an open (non brand specific) catamaran sailing organization, based in Texas.  It is comprised of several local catamaran sailing clubs or fleets.
   AustinCats (ex Fleet 64)       www.austincats.net
   San Antonio "Fleet 128"
   Houston area : TCDYC       www.tcdyc.com and Facebook
   and others

The name originates from the NAHCA (North American Hobie Class Association) maps of USA, divided up for the purpose of promoting regional catamaran racing between local clubs.

Through the work of the member clubs, Division6 organizes a calendar of catamaran racing events around Texas.  As an umbrella organization, Div6 also promotes and publicizes other catamaran sailing opportunities on behalf of individual fleets.

Div6 currently operates with 3 officers who volunteer and are selected among the represented fleets.  Commodore (organizer), Vice-Commodore (properties manager), and Treasurer.  Main tasks of the organization is to (1) publish a schedule of events, (2) support fleet/club races with marks, radios, flags.  (3) Manage insurance for the regattas and (4) collect fees to maintain equipment.  

At this time, there is not really a Div6 web page, but there is an emailer (Googlegroups) for communication purposes.  And this site is used to publish event information.

If you want to see discussion or update your subscription options, go to the above link.  Participation in the forum requires moderator to invite or add you so that we know who is signing up.  Please send email to division-6@googlegroups.com.

2018 Fleet Commodores:
AustinCats.net - Austin Fleet 64 - Aaron McCulley  (512) 496-5518
TCDYC    -  Houston no Fleet # - Roger Howard  (409) 770-4026
Canyon Lake Cats - San Antonio Fleet 128 - Travis Mitchell (210) 771-4703

2018 Div 6 Officers:
Commodore: Mike Rohrer - (512) 743-9619
Vice Commodore / Properties - Aaron McCulley (512) 496-5518
Treasurer - Chris Holt (512) 784-3764
Membership - Roger Howard - (409) 770-4026