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US Sailing recommends conversion PHRF = [(DPN – 55) *6 ].
“AYC PHRF” number are derived from DPN as follows: PHRF = [(DPN – 55) *6 ] – 42.

  1. The first race in the December Series is on 12/6.
  2. Directly email me (chris@pohst.la) the following ASAP:
    1. Your boat's Make / Model and name
    2. Your boat's PHRF rating
    3. Important: Your boat's set-up must properly match your provided PHRF rating. For example, if your boat is rated for sailing without a jib you must sail without a jib. If you change your sailing configuration you must provide the correct new PHRF rating and you will be considered to be sailing a different boat for scoring purposes.
  3. Read "Race Proposal" and review course card that was emailed with the original annoucement
  4. Unless you are already a member of the Austin Yacht Club you will not be able to launch at AYC. Windy Point is a common launching point. Please check the Windy Point website for associated rules and costs.
  5. Be familiar with the Racing Rules of Sailing 2017-20 and carry a protest flag on your boat: https://www.sailing.org/40174.php
  6. It's highly recommended you carry a VHF radio. Some start times or course changes may be made available on the water between races.
  7. Be sure to remember we are participating in their event as guests. Be a good sport. Sail safe. And always thank the RC/PRO.