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Hill Country Fun Sail 2020

September 19 & 20, 2020
Lake Buchanan, TX
Black Rock Park

Come out to Lake Buchanan Sept. 19th & 20th for a weekend of sailing and fun activities! Join for one day or both. There is no agenda or NOR, just come out and sail! If you're new, let us help you rig your boat. If two sailors challenge each other to a race, then we have a race. Since this is not an organized event please don't forget to pack food. And though we're excited to see everyone's faces, please be respectful of social distancing and mask etiquette where appropriate.

Come out and sail!

It's become tradition to award wine as trophies for Hill Country. This year, in lieu of trophies awarded for your skill and luck on the water we'll be distributing "trophies" based solely on luck. If you'd like to join in the fun bring a bottle of your favorite wine or spirits and a donation of $5 or more. We'll wrap up all the bottles and put your name in a hat. The order of picking the bottles out of the pile is determined by drawing names out of the hat. Standard White Elephant gift exchange rules then apply. Your donations will help AustinCats send kids from Big Brothers Big Sisters to sailing camp.

Camping sites are still available:

Dinner:  tbd

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