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F18 Clinic

posted Jan 3, 2011, 8:28 AM by Ryan Verret   [ updated Aug 2, 2013, 12:42 PM by Jim Casto ]
AustinCats & 2WireSailing (our local AHPC Dealer) will hold an F18 clinic at AYC on Saturday January 8, 2011.  
We will be working on boat handling, starts and mark roundings.  
John Tomko will be running the clinic and he will be shooting video on the water for review during dinner and drinks at the clubhouse.

Philippe Better has graciously agreed to organize the meal, and I will organize the rum.
We are planning to have grilled ribeyes and all the rum anyone could drink (Well, maybe anyone but Beuerlein)

We are looking for volunteers to run chase boats and to grill steaks.  
The expected cost will be less than $20 per person.

We will make a go/no-go weather decision on Friday January 7 at noon the announcement will be made on the mailing list.

We have three F18s committed already:
Philippe on his Tiger
Luke & Laura on their Infusion
Your Commodore on his C2

Please let me know if you would like to participate or volunteer.
Volunteers eat and drink free, but we need a head count so we know how much food to buy.  I already know how much rum to buy (as much as I can!).


***** UPDATED AGENDA *****

This is the tentative agenda for the Catamaran Clinic at AYC
Please bring a VHF Radio that you can take on your boat.  It will help to coordinate while we are on the water.

0900 - 1000 Rigging (with Tomko walking around offering suggestions / answering questions)
1000 - 1400 On the water.  Practice Starts, Tacks, Mark Roundings with Tomko coaching from Ryan's jet boat.  (We may need a video camera).
1400 - 1500 Rig down.
1500 - 1700 Go over videos, have drinks, offer tips, chalk talk?
1700 - 1830 Dinner (more drinks of course)


Hobie Tiger - Philippe Bettler + Crew
Nacra Infusion - Luke and Laura
AHPC C2 - Bo Kersey
Hobie Tiger - Mike Rohrer and Chris Holt
Hobie Tiger - Ryan Verret and Jim Rehage
Hobie Tiger (maybe) - Steve Piche and Juke Ball
SC20 - Robert Meyers and John Bartlett